My Last Verse

(MAN is sitting at his desk writing. He gets up, walks over to his bed, and lies down. NINA enters and pulls his blanket up to his shoulders, then sees what he has been writing. She approaches the desk, and sits down to read the paper.)

NINA: Through my life I have been a voice not my own. I have created words for those who had none, but to the extent of not leaving any for me. I have been a scribe, recording the marvels of someone else’s history, and I left my story untold. When I have turned to ash, the only mark of my life will be that which I have lent to others. So, let this single page show my soul. The voice I give it is my own. And though I am no longer here, it will speak loud and clear the things I could never say. For when I consider all of the things I could never give to you, I am saddened. But I believe I can find happiness in leaving you with this, my last verse.

(MAN’s body lets out a last sigh and settles. NINA places the paper in her pocket, approaches the man, and places her hand on his. WOMAN enters and stares at the two.)

WOMAN: So, am I a widow yet?

NINA: Yes ma’am.

WOMAN: Good. Oh and Nina, make sure that the cleaners air out this room when they are done. It stinks in here.

NINA: Yes ma’am.

(WOMAN exits. Nina leans over and kisses MAN on the cheek. NINA exits.)

Pause for Dramatic Effect

(The General enters. Pauses for ten seconds.)

GENERAL: Brothers!

(Twenty second pause.)

GENERAL: We will fight!

(Twenty second pause.)

GENERAL: For freedom!

(The General exits.)

Where is the Punch Line?

(Two men sitting at a table in a bar. There is a small stage up front, with a man performing a play.)

Man number one: Why did you bring me here?

Man number two: I told you it’s funny.

Man number one: What’s funny about it? This guy just keeps going on and on about nothing.

Man number two: Shh, you’ll miss it. This show is great.

Man number one: It’s not funny. He’s not telling any jokes. Where’s the punch line?

Man number two: Don’t worry it’s coming.

Man number one : Where? There isn’t anything funny about this. Aw geez, now he is making out with some lady. What is supposed to be funny about this? (He pauses for a moment staring at scene.) Wait, that’s my wife!

Man number two: Now that, my friend, is the punchline.