There is in fact an alternate method of receiving the Biggoron’s Sword. It can take less time but is still quite as tedious.

  • Firstly as the young Link you have to go into the Goron’s village. On the top tier there is a stoned up doorway that has a bomb plant growing on each side of it. You have to have received the gauntlet that allows you to use bombs. Grab on of the bomb plants, or a bomb from your pack if you want to waste your inventory, and drop it in front of the door. A hallway will open up and you will see another stone wall. Get another bomb and put it there. You will have to do this two more times. Anyone that has used the bombs knows that there is that they have a short time limit before their fuse bows. And running back and forth using the plants can prove a slight challenge. Blowing the final wall will use all of the time on the fuse, so I suggest throwing it.
  • Past the final wall is a small room that contains a Goron named Big Brother. Since he is too big to fit through the door he just spends his time making stuff. He informs you that he is making something special, but it will take a while for him to complete it.
  • Now that you have talked to him, you need to be the adult Link to get the sword. So either warp back to the Temple of Time, or continue through the game and get the three amulets, dependant on how far you have progressed.
  • As the adult Link, travel back to Big Brother’s room. He will ask you for 200 rupees. Give it to him and you will receive the Goron Knife (I believe that is what it is called, correct me if I am wrong).
  • Now, the knife has the same stats and appearance as the Big Goron’s Sword, except that if you use it too much or smack it against something hard it will break, turning the item into the Broken Goron Sword. This will cut down on the running around you have to do for the first half of the other method, but after this the route is the same.

Since the slot in your inventory used this quest is just used for switching out the all the items. Generally after I have done this method, I go back and do it the other way up to the point when I get the broken sword from the carpenter just for kicks.