One of the great mysteries of the universe to my non-geek friends is what geeks like myself do for fun. How can you be entertained on a Friday night if you're not at the football game mindlessly floating through the various social groups? These people mean well. They have a genuine curiosity about the geek lifestyle. What can we tell such people who have no appreciation of late night debugging or recursive algorithm analysis?

To answer this question I began using the generic 'geeking out' response. My repeated use of this phrase caused me to consider just what I consider geeking out to be.

As a computer variety geek, geeking out most specifically #includes (haha):
1. Coding
2. Debugging
3. Doing CS homework
4. Debating programming language theory (Java vs. C++ and the like)
5. Installing linux on bitchy hardware
6. Watching Pi
7. Sitting in discrete math class

I'm sure there are more examples of geeking out, but off the top of my head these are some examples of things which make me feel especially geeky. What do you do to geek out?