Having trouble with that killer CS assignment? Reflect upon this my friends:

"If you can't write a program that can print itself out with an arbitrary function applied to it (without resorting to reading its source from the filesystem) you DO NOT UNDERSTAND A CENTRAL CONCEPT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE. You may be able to hack with the best of 'em, you may be able to prove O(ln^* n) time bounds in your sleep, you may even be able to write twenty-page proofs for 312 without breaking a sweat. But you won't understand the quineian loopiness behind Goedel's Theorem, the Recursion Theorem, and von Neumann's self-reproducing CA.

And if we can't build a self-sufficient and self reproducing army of killbot droids to conquer the earth, then, by God, what's the point?"

Now this is computer science baby!