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mission drive within everything
Explore...I think I'd also like to try compiling a definitive list of those lecherous sexual acts so devious that people have little names for. And submitting it to Merriam Webster, demanding that they include them
Computer Programming, OpenGL, cooking, writing,
shoki technologies
i don't have a motto
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Chester T. Hucheson

Careers:Pin-cushion salesman, Sailor, Drafting, Engineer
Favorites:Valomilk candies, Buik Automobiles, Hot-Gay Sex
My vice: the ponies
Favorite Movies: Dirty Harry, Anything with Charles Bronson, Chuck Norris, or Steven Seagal. Stonewall, Saving Private Ryan.
Favorite TV Shows: Hollywood Squares. Regis. Leno. Larry King.
Music: Bach, Sinatra.

My wife is Doris. I'm trying to get her to use the internet.
I'll write more when I think of it...