Today I bought the coolest book. It`s a World Cup phrasebook. It contains translations of basic phrases in all 17 official languages of all 32 countries playing in World Cup : Korea/Japan 2002. Aside from your standard phrasebook phrases, it has certain terms which one would want to yell at a soccer game. So I can now say something equivalent to, "What the fuck?" in 17 languages. I could not be more pleased. It came in handy, later, as I was watching Germany trounce Saudi Arabia (the final score was 8-0). I don`t like Germany, arrogant bastards. The soccer team, I mean, not the people as a whole.

At 1:35 A.M., I bought a movie ticket from a vending machine and watched Panic Room. It wasn`t a particularly great movie, but not especially bad either. And it was, after all, 1:35 in the freakin morning.

After the movie, I went to the beach. The first hints of day were just insinuating themselves into the cloudy sky, and the crashing of the waves erased every thought I had, except those of some fishing boats out on the sea who were flashing light signals at each other. I laid on the beach until it was quite light and I was thoroughly convinced I never want to leave this country.

But of course I will leave it.