Khalistan is the name used by Sikh nationalists for an independent homeland they want to see made out of India's state of Punjab.

In 1984 Prime Minister Indira Gandhi sent in troops to break the siege of the Darbar Sahib Complex ("Golden Temple") in Sikhism's holy city of Amritsar. There were many casualties from this Operation Blue Star. In the same year, in response, Sikh secessionists proclaimed a Government in Exile of Khalistan; and on 7 October 1987 they proclaimed independence.

The possibility of an independent Sikh state was raised by the British in 1937, alongside proposed Hindu and Muslim states, but as Partition approached the Sikhs agreed to become part of Hindu-majority India. Activists now believe they are justified in rebellion because of India's record of broken promises and human rights abuses.

The Sikhs have been accused of the destruction of Air India Flight 182 over the North Atlantic in 1985.

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