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Height: (holds hand up to here to indicate)
Weight: (glances down at hips)
Age: a natural number once per year, but I'm often quite irrational about it
Number of heads, eyes, legs, etc.: near the local average
Musical tastes: Eclectically from around the world, outer space, and the secret subterranean realm. Yes the name is from Abba. Deal.
Favourite book: From Hobo to Cannibal King by C.J. Thornhill ("Always interesting and stimulating" - The Scotsman)
Carnal proclivities: anything that doesn't shift me or my partner(s) too far away from the local average of eyes, limbs etc sounds kinda fun
Ambition: distraction, derision, and uglification
Pets: one grey pussycat
Voting intentions: minor parties
Job: oh, please, not while I'm eating
Favourite flower: sweet william, perhaps
True Confessions: I was a minor account for JudyT, and I wrote two nodes, Jean-Baptiste Greuze and c/o Mr Rance, which have now been transferred to the main account.