Third Time’s the Charm?


               “I’ll step outside and give you a few moments of privacy, you know the drill.” Tiana moved toward the curtain.

                “Actually, that’s why I wore this dress, easy access. I didn’t bother with panties, just need to slip off my shoes.” I reached for the straps of my five inch stilettos.

                Tiana’s grey eyes flashed and the corners of her lips pulled up into a sly grin. “I prefer you left them on.” She stepped back into the room and sidled over to her workstation.

                Hopping up onto the table, I pulled my dress up above my waist not bothering with the modesty towel, and watched her prepare the greenish concoction. She stretched a pair of purple Nitrile gloves over her delicate hands. They made a snapping sound against her wrists as she snuggly pulled them into place.  There was finality to that noise, as if the time for any indecision had passed.

                Tiana was right, though, I knew the drill. And I kept coming back for more; this was my third visit. It certainly doesn’t hurt that Tiana is so attractive either. Making some small talk about her kids and the weather, Tiana dipped the tongue depressor into the hot wax and applied it to my lady parts in long, inch-wide strips.

                “Ready? Here comes the hard part.” She hesitated a moment before she yanked the first strip.

                “It’s okay, it gets easier every time. I don’t really mind the pain.” I winced slightly even as I admired her petite figure and blond curls.

                She pressed down hard with her palm after ripping off the first strip which helped a lot with the pain. I found myself wishing she were pressing her soft lips there instead. As I fantasized, I tried to disguise my moans as pain. That smile. Had she been hinting at something when she told me to leave my heels on? I couldn’t tell. The only times I’d been with women were years ago and involved over-indulgence in alcohol.

 After a few more sections, my mound and lips felt silky smooth. Tiana gently massaged some oil or lotion into my tingling skin to help soothe the pain. I closed my eyes and let her touch wash over me.

                “Go ahead and flip over.” Tiana turned back to her workstation, while I adjusted myself on the table. After similar tortures left my ass crack hair-free, she playfully pinched my cheek, “All done back here, let’s just get you touched up. You’re doing great!”

                “I usually notice a few strays on the inside. Not that I want any wax there!” I positioned myself on my back again, knees bent and feet together in a butterfly posture.

                Preparing to go to work with the tweezers, Tiana paused as she deftly separated my lips. Studying me for a moment, she turned her face upward-eyes wide and inviting-then whispered, “You certainly are beautiful.”     

                “Thank you,” I managed as my head spun with the possibilities of what might happen next.

                Tiana pulled out the remaining straggling hairs as she seemed to return to business as usual. “Okay, all done, Sweetie.”

                Confused and frustrated, I handed her my credit card. “Will I see you again?”

                “Of course. I have you down in the book. A month from today-see you then.”