The government is evil. I cannot believe that in this day and age that we allow it to continually oppress its people. So check this out: Last night I was getting together with my capoeira group, and we usually practice in the gym that is in the armory(read:ROTC building) on campus. Well some powertripping nazi major over there posts this stupid sign that says that as of this date no one but ROTC personnel may use the facility. Then he sends his little lackeys to kick us out.Didn't even have the balls to come and do it himself. What a wuss.

Don't tell me that this was some security issue, and I wonder why he is pulling all of this now, when we have been practicing there for a semester now with no problems whatsoever.I think that the guy just didn't want us there, so he is using his trumped up power to kick us out. That is unfair, it's discrimination! He is effctively dispossessing us from our place to practice, and seeing as places on our campus are quite limited,his is effectively silencing our freedom of expression, and our right to peaceably assemble. Is this even legal? I think its cultural oppression. He thinks we are freaks with out martial art and our music. How dare he pass judgement on what we practice? The government is now in the process of cultural purification. Is this what we want?