The nightclub went well enough last night, but any enthusiasm I felt was dulled by the fact that at four-fifteen Tuesday afternoon, CHUM Group Radio (more specifically,, a subgroup of the Wireless Broadcasting Corporation) laid me off.

They couldn't afford four full-time designers anymore, and as I was the least senior, I was the one to go.

Fuck 'em. As my brother said, they'll all be crying when they see me on a newspaper with oodles of money.

I'm kinda going to miss some of my co-workers, though. We exchanged phone numbers, but I find it difficult to keep up work-based friendships when you're not forced to see each other every day.


Jes and I screamed at each other all day yesterday. We resolved things come the evening, and (hopefully) things are still good, and will remain so as I pick her up from work.... It is worth noting, however, that a day of screaming and crying really solves nothing, and is very hard on the soul.

Chaos allows for rust. Anger encourages it.


On a positive note, I managed to spend a few minutes with Geoff, last night, at Elgin Street Diner. I never go there anymore, and perhaps it's for the best... A place that used to be conducive to midnight coffeehouse philosophy sessions, and ideas on how to change the world eventually degraded into a kind of sickness by familiarity. It wasn't special anymore.

In any case, I did get to see Geoff, and we did get to chat, and say a few dumb things. I miss him, and on the few occasions that we spend time in the same places, he makes an effort to see me. It's very warming.


With any luck, I'll be working with Warren again. It seems a position has opened up at Mediahouse, where he works in Hull, and he's going to see if he can give me a push into the position.

Here's hoping.