I'm going away, this August. Antigen Shift and Iszoloscope are touring, and I'll be with them in the dual capacity of DJ and road manager, after a fashion. It should last a little under a month, and cover a fair amount of North America. It will be fantastic, I predict.

This complicates things to some extent, as I was planning to have a Fray Cafe in early September, and it'll be a bit difficult to setup from the road... Additionally, I want to go to Maschinenfest in Germany in October. Money is an obstacle.

I need to start forging cheques, I think.


As the days go by, there's something in the air that seems to be getting stronger, moment by moment. At first I thought it was urgency, but I think it's revealing itself as a kind of quiet anticipation.

The world was photoshopped the other day, orange filters and sepia-toned clouds cast long shadows on the faces of everyone who walked by, all of them washed-out and blurry.