Jessica returned to Toronto on the weekend, after three weeks in Ottawa. It was the longest that we've gone without seeing each other over the course of this relationship, and although I'm sure the space did us both some good, I did miss her terribly. We're going to be celebrating our belated two-year anniversary this weekend, and I'm rather looking forward to it. It should be nice.


Venk is back in Ottawa, for good.

For his own reasons, he's decided he doesn't want to continue living in Toronto, and he's out of the house, effective immediately. His cousin, Naveen, will be moved out May 1st. As a result, Paul Dupuis is staying here, and we're looking for another roommate to move in, and help out with rent.

The situation may sound fairly calm, but in reality, it was emotional, messy, and feelings were hurt on all sides. I'd rather not go over the details, suffice it to say that we very nearly lost the house, and thus were out on the street, with hardly a month's notice.


For Christmas, I gave Jes art supplies. Watercolours and Chinese inks, thirsty horse-hair brushes to paint with, and practice books for both mediums. I'm hoping she'll find some use in them.