This is not a definitive list, as there is often quite a bit of overlap between the various categories.(See Male Goth Stereotypes.) There are some coresponding stereotypes for each gender - i.e. The Dandy is the male equivalent of the Lucrezia, the Siouxsie is the female equivalent of the Mad Bob - but there is also overlap between, say the dancing style of the Lucrezia and the Male Waif. The hell with it, there's just lots of overlap, okay?

The Siouxsie

  • WAY too much eye-liner (i.e. not just black, but also hints of purple, red, green and occasionally yellow); the same haircut as Mad Bob (i.e. large black frightwig); dressed in vaguely dark hippie dresses, with bangles and masses of pendants and chains worn around the neck.
    Favourite drink: anything with Vodka in it, especially vodka, or anything IN vodka (like blackcurrant cordial).
  • Favourite music: Siouxsie and the Banshees (obviously!), the Cure.
  • Dances: much like the Mad Bob, except a bit slower, with hand-gestures borrowed from Tai-chi; perhaps a bit more direction and an air of "I know something you don't."

The Lucrezia

  • Long gowns in velvet and/or lace; 19th-Century riding costumes, net veils; elbow-length gloves, many rings with large red stones, elaborate face-makeup (not overdone like the Siouxsie, but with involved designs).
  • Favourite drink: champagne, anything with more than six ingredients, or a name with more than five syllables or some kind of sexual reference.
  • Favourite music: Sisters of Mercy, anything with the Steinman Taint, classical (i.e. O Fortuna), the Cocteau Twins, This Mortal Coil... well, ANY 4AD band.
    Dances: very much like the Male Waif; the Two-Step-Back'n'Forth with minor variations such as skirt-train-swooshing is also popular because those huge, ornate dresses often make anything more complicated a dangerous proposition.

The Waif

    Jeans, Doc Martens (their feet always look three or four sizes too large for the rest of their bodies), tight t-shirts; skeletally thin, pale faces, lots of hickeys; a leather strap around the wrist; the "Tank Girl" look.
  • Favourite drink: anything that someone else will buy for them (except beer).
  • Favourite Music: Nine Inch Nails, or anything dripping with angst.
  • They're usually too self-conscious to dance.

The Scruff

  • Or the post-hippy. Skirts, black cardigans or big black shapeless jumpers with holes, laddered black stockings, no makeup, hair dyed black with streaks of red or purple, Doc Martens, several ear-piercings moving in a line up the ear-lobes, also nose-piercings, eyebrow-piercings, lip piercings, tongue piercings, anything-that- sticks-out-and-occasionally-some-things-that-don't piercings. One of the few kinds of Goth you can see out in daylight, albeit under the protection of very large black sunglasses. Sort of like a collision between Siouxsie and Hayzee Fantayzee.
  • Favourite drink: blackcurrant cordial.
  • Favourite music: Ministry, Skinny Puppy, the harder Nine Inch Nails. The softer versions have admitted to a liking to Hawkwind.
  • As for dancing... when they have the energy, they either stomp like Blank Reg or sway like Siouxsie.


  • After the Neil Gaiman character. Black singlet, black jeans, large silver ankh, eye-of-horus makeup done in black eyeliner, hairstyle a more restrained version of the Mad Bob. Also known as the Party Goth, or Goth-Who-Smiles.
  • Favourite drink: coca-cola.
  • Favourite music: Early Birthday Party, the Sugarcubes.
  • Dances: tends to bounce around like scattered ping-pong balls (these people will dance to anything. Madness, The Vapours, SPK, radio static, smashing glass, passing traffic, people talking...)

The Domina

Miss Generic

  • A standard for when she can't squeeze herself into one of the other categories. Long black dress; pale makeup, eyeliner design not too intricate (less that four curlicues); any colour hair; a few rings but must have at least two fingers bare.
  • Favourite drink: vodka.
  • Favourite music: anything that the DJ plays - they will then go around commenting derisively "They call THIS Goth music?"
  • Dances: will watch everyone else to see what they're doing and then tentatively copy them. You may think we're coming down a bit hard on Miss Generic; not at all. Some of our best friends are, etc. etc. We accept that some people can't be Goths all the time.

The Baby Goth

  • Usually someone's little sister or cousin. Wears one of her two black dresses (the one that looks least like it comes from Portmans) and black school shoes.
  • Hair: Long and neatly brushed.
  • Makeup: Black lipstick and nail polish, no other makeup, OR, pale foundation and intricate face designs, done by whoever brought her along. Tends to smile nervously a lot, especially when spoken to, and fiddle with her hair or necklace.
  • Favourite drink: Strongbow sweet, with a straw.
  • Too busy staring wide-eyed at the dancers to actually hear the music.

Above list is courtesy of (and copyright 1995 or so) Chris Niland, used with permission.