Waiting for the men to all come back to the pub, I sat and watched the world go by, staring out the window. It was my birthday, and I wanted little more than to go to the arcade, have a few games, enjoy myself with friends.

When everyone returned, they did so with additional guests. Of all the people I didn’t want to see on this day, Shadow was there, with his arms around Adam, and Aun. Probably telling them some horrible thing about me, no doubt.

I went to the arcade alone, taking a token from Adam before I left. When I got there, the first thing I noticed was the lack of arcade games. The second was the dancing semi-nude Asian girls. The third was the quarterjockey-cum-pimp.

I left, followed by a throng of dancing girls, asking me if I wanted a date.


On Rideau Street, where all those that slip through the cracks of Ottawa’s social programs, and welfare services end up, things had changed. The clouds never left, casting their dull grey influence on the sidewalks and buildings. No one ever smiled, and every streetlight flickered.

Things had been this way for quite some time, but I don’t think anyone noticed but me.

I also don’t think anyone else noticed the fact that a city block had turned into forbidding forestland, and started to glow red, either.

Or the naked demons roaming the streets, screaming for their dark master.


Corey, Adam and I were in a mall, finding somewhere to buy gelato. We ran into some old raver friends of ours, and started to dance.

We looked at Adam, and saw that he wasn’t really dancing, per se... He was just kinda vibrating his legs so fast that he floated all over the place.