A year ago, I used to spend all of my time indoors. I had an incredible house, filled constantly with interesting people, excellent comfy couches, imported incense, and loud music.

The music of choice was always some random internet radio station, as we'd set the visualization from winamp to run to the television we had in the living room, providing something interesting to hear, and see, for all our guests. Not suprisingly, there were always arguments as to the "correct" music to be played.

Then, we found Afternoon Nap, with DJ Dusty.

It was a shoutcast station, and it was amazing. Truly amazing. I loved it. Everyone loved it.

Jessica and I would lie back, smoking cigarettes, laughing and telling stories, listening to the nap. If there was ever a soundtrack to a blooming romance, it was the downtempo sounds from Dusty. So many secrets shared over this music, so much magic associated forever with it.. The first time that we kissed, that we really kissed, it was there, bearing witness.

After we moved, it vanished. I spent hours looking for it, trying to find out anything about its current location. After a few months, I gave up. Jes and I were having troubles at the time, and I figured it was probably best I didn't find it, and ruin a wonderful memory.

Now, a year later, i stumbled across it. It's on Live365 now, but is otherwise unchanged. Visit DJ Dusty at downtempo.org, and take a listen.

It might not change your life... But it means a lot to a pair of young lovers, as a score to a love story.