I'm at my mothers for the weekend. She had to get some surgery done, and I'm helping look after her and my little brother Charlie until she recovers.

Jes is working insane hours, and we see each other mostly in passing now. Mind you, I just finished up my contract for CHUM, so I might be working insane hours as well, if they decide to take me on full-time.


Juno Reactor is playing a set with Alex Paterson of The Orb, on Sunday. Here's hoping I get to go. I don't think there's gonna be a show as good as this one anytime in the near future.


I might be playing another LARP game, on Saturday. I haven't played regularly in at least a year, and it's worth giving another chance, I figure. My character concept is fairly simple, and there's lots of room for development, and with any luck, it'll bounce off other people well.

Again, we shall see. All things are pending, it seems.