Promoting nightclubs and raves is often hectic work, I'm finding. Often hectic, usually tiring, and almost always confusing.

It is the last factor that caused me to run around a nightclub, looking for my boss at one of the larger events we've been putting on. I knew he was in the VIP area, so my logic was that if I find a door manned by a security guard who turns away everyone who tries to enter, I've probably found the correct place.

I managed to find such a place, and over the smoke and strobes and noise, I somehow explained to the guard that I was one of the promoters, and he let me in, presumably recognizing me from earlier in the evening.

It was to my great confusion, then, that I found myself not in a comfortable open space with couches, but in a narrow hallway filled with electronics. As I moved closer, I saw that there seemed to be turntables, a mixer, and other assorted audio equipment around. In fact, there seemed to be a person wearing headphones in the middle of this confusing mess, giving me very strange looks.

It was only after I stepped fully into the corridor, looked to my right, and saw a half-thousand people start to scream and cheer that I realized I was in the DJ booth, and they all thought I was the headlining performer, ready to start my set.


Please, dearest reader, make up your own ending to this story, as it could not possibly be less graceful than mine.