Venk is in Ottawa for a week, and quiet kind of takes over the house in his absence. Things are improving, I think. I've been a lot more motivated as of late, and a little more confident. I've been doing a lot of cleaning, as well as bleaching and dying Jessica's hair. It's busy-work, and it's a form of meditation, if that doesn't sound too insane. I purge my demons while scrubbing old pots and mixing hair colours.

Things seem to be starting to coalesce, although I'm hesitant to risk jinxing it by saying so. We're by no means out of the danger zone yet, but I think the worst may be behind us. I'm employed now, doing club work for a promotion company.

All that remains now is to find a house that we can all live in, and begin the process of adjustment. If we can make it through that alive, I have little doubt that the city, if not the heavens themselves will bow and bend to our will.

It is the next two weeks that will decide, that will either bring us peace, or shatter us totally.