Took a trip to the states this weekend, to clear my head.

It was good to get out of the city. Watching the world go by in a car window, meeting new people, being able to spend a few days without worrying about job, house, money, or girl stresses was good. Very good.

I'm thinking about moving to Kitchener for a while, to take some time to chill out. Jessica and I aren't together anymore, and I don't want to live in Toronto if I'm not living with her. She's the reason I came here, and I don't want to stay here, alone. Maybe come September, October, I might move back, but for now...

I need to figure out who I am, really. I'd like to go there for a while, get my own place (my own place!), and just work for a bit, try and remember what it is that I like to do. Geek out a bit, DJ a bit, read a bit. Keep to myself for a bit.

It might be good for me. I'm not sure.


The hardest part about this breakup is the fact that I would still drop everything for her, in a heartbeat. Even with the problems we've had, I'd do it all again for her, in a moment, if she asked.

The hard bit is that she won't. She doesn't want this relationship.