The bottom has fallen out.

Yesterday, I determined that our former roommate did, in fact, fuck us and take off to Ottawa. No rent was paid, and there are a good number of electronic devices that haven't been seen since he left.

After discovering this, I also determined that my bank account balance is now over a thousand dollars, negative. I discovered this trying to buy bus tickets to get to work, which caused me to be late getting there, for obvious reasons.

After getting to work, I was laid off, ostensibly for being late. I suspect politics, but I usually suspect such things where people are involved.


Things with Jessica have been relatively stable, but I suppose this is a non-statement if you consider what 'stable' is relative to.

I had planned to take a weekend vacation next week, get in a car and go somewhere I've never been before -- but it does not look like this is in the cards, considering these most dire financial straits.

I think Jes might strangle me to death, if I don't get out soon. It's been at least nine months that I haven't left Toronto, and I don't think I've spent so long in one place, ever.

I've tried to write several witty sentences describing how I feel, but my traitor fingers keep tying the same message, over and over -- I need to get away. I need to get away. I need to get away.


I need to get away.