Millennium Force opened in May 2000. It takes about a minute and 60 seconds to complete this speed demon-adrenaline junkie's dream-come-true at a top speed of 92 mph. It's loud, fast, and oh-so-smooth. The force runs three trains at once, each car seating four people (in stadium seating, no less - two front, two back), and 36 people per train. An elevator-cable assembly pulls you smoothly, quietly (and really damn quickly) up the 300-ft first hill - and accelerates you over the top into a gut-wrenching freefall of a first drop, and then you are thrown into a 120-degree banked turn. There are two more major hills (the second is ~180 feet high!) and a minor whoopie, all of which generate a wonderful 0-g experience if you aren't wedged in your seat. There are two or three more of the 120 degree banked turns, I think. You'd think I'd remember after riding it three times in one day, but it is such a frikking rush that you forget.