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The Standardbred: "They're Not Just for Racing Anymore"
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Standardbred Stand"ard-bred` n. refers to a trotting or gaited horse, bred as a cross between a Morgan, Thoroughbred, Hackney and Canadian Pacer. The name Standardbred comes from a 1879 performance standard which required every horse to trot or pace one mile in 2:30 or less in order to be registered.

Morgan\Mor"gan\, n. (Zo"ol.) One of a celebrated breed of American trotting horses; -- so called from the name of the stud from which the breed originated in Vermont.

A Happy Story For You

Once upon a time there was a beautiful Standardbred named Remax Revonah. Max hated racing. He still hates carts. In his racing days, he took his sulky - driver and all - over the track barrier. Needless to say, his racing career was over. And instead of being retired to stud (he was a great race horse - p,2,Q2:04h; 3,1:58f; 1:56.1f - g, Lime Time) he was cut and sold to a new lady who let him rest for about 7 years.

When he was at this new barn, Max got very bored. He was already King of the Barn - obviously because he was he was the only Stallion around, but he needed something else. So he got married to a beautiful mare named Sunny Helen. Soon after they got married, Max became the leader of the infamous Standardbred Mafia, and Helen left him because she did not approve of his line of work. So Max got bored again. But a year later, he adopted a young rider. He was determined to not let her get away. She loved him very much and always came and brushed him and hugged him, and he finally felt loved. But he couldn't jump very well because his legs still hurt from having to race, and he wasn't too confident about cantering. So his rider began to ride other horses and he was afraid he was going to lose her for good. So he fought. When the other horses came near, he snapped at them - after all, he was King (they listened to him). Everywhere she went, he watched. He gave her sad looks and cried when he thought she couldn't see. Eventually she felt so bad that she rode him for two hours. Max was shocked. He didn't even try to buck or rear or anything, he just acted like the perfect gentleman that he was. After that, she started coming to visit him some more. She couldn't always ride him, so he followed her around all the time. Finally she started riding just him, and they both lived happily ever after.

The End

Showed them, huh?

Did you know that Revonah spelled backwards is Hanover? Remax Revonah --> Scootin Anni Revonah --> Direct Scooter ... hey, whaddaya know, Direct Scooter lives on Hannover Shoe Farms in Hannover, PA.