"Shaken not Stirred" is the title to two different albums by different artists, David Benoit and Phil Vassar, published one decade apart. The David Benoit album was produced in 1994 by David Benoit under GRP Records.

Shaken not Stirred is Benoit's 17th album of solo works. It is preceeded by the 1994 album Lost and Found (which Benoit did not authorise) and is succeeded by the 1995 album The Stars Fell On Henrietta.

The album's first song, Wailea, was re-released in 1995 in the compilation album, The Best Of David Benoit 1987 - 1995.

The album's last song, Sarah's Theme, was the main theme in the film Sirens.


1.  wailea                (4:26)
2.  i went to bat for you (4:26)
3.  any other time        (5:03)
4.  carmel                (3:08)
5.  sparks flew           (4:19)
6.  shaken not stirred    (5:37)
7.  chi chi's eyes        (4:43)
8.  days of old           (4:24)
9.  jacqueline            (3:28)
10. sarah's theme         (6:10)
The Phil Vassar studio album was produced in 2004. It was his third album, preceeded by the 2002 album American Child and suceeded by the 2006 album Greatest Hits, Vol. 1.

The album's second song, In a Real Love, made number one in Billboard magazine's Hot Country Songs chart listing.


1.  Good Ole Days 
2.  In A Real Love 
3.  What Happens in Vegas 
4.  I'll Take That As A Yes (The Hot Tub Song) 
5.  Erase 
6.  Here To Forget 
7.  I Miss The Innocence 
8.  Amazing Grace 
9.  Nobody Knows Me Like You 
10. Dancin' With Dreams 
11. Gone By Dawn 
12. Black And Whites