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Riopelle ([1923]-[2002]) was a [Montréalais] [artist] born [October 7, 1923]. He studied in [Québec]'s "[École des Beaux-Arts de Montréal]" and the "[École du Meuble]" in the [1940]s. He specialised in [painting] and [sculpture], and produced [lithograph]s since the [1960]s.

He moved to [Paris], and at [30] years of age, he became well-known in the city's [Bohemian] [culture].

Riopelle is considered one of the great names of [modern art], and his [works] can be found in important [public] and [private] [collections] within and without of [Canada].

He had several [honourary] [doctorate]s, and was awarded "le prix [Paul-Émile Borduas]" in [1981], and the "[Grand Prix] de la [Ville] de Paris" in [1985]. He was a [Companion] of the [Order of Canada] since [1975] until his death.

Riopelle died on [March 12, 2002] at home in [Ile-aux-Grues], [Québec].