The village of Deschambault is in the municipality of Portneuf, in the province of Québec, Canada. It was founded in 1713, and has a population of just under 1300 persons, who are called Deschambaultien(ne) -Pronounced: (day·shawm·bo·TYEHN).

Deschambault was established on one of the first seigneuries granted by the king of France in 1640, the "seigneurie de Chavigny". The village was founded by Jacques-Alexis Fleury d'Eschambault who was a baillif, a lawyer, and then a judge in Montréal.

A church which was constructed in the 1830s, and a presbytery constructed in 1816 are two of the village's historic monuments. It is rated in the top-twenty of beautiul villages in Québec by l'Actualité magazine.

Some Deschambaultiens of note:
Louis-Zéphérin Perrault, born 1838 (died sometime later), was a sculptor, architect, and master contractor.
Denys Arcand, born 1941, is a film director, and mighty fine at that.