An obscure Street Fighter style game for the PC. Sango Fighter is a product of the now defunct Panda Entertainment in Taiwan. Produced in 1994, Sango Fighter is based on the Three Kingdoms period in Ancient China (220-208 A.D.), where three dynasites warred with each other for the control of the fallen Han Dynasty. The Shu kingdom (221-263 A.D.), led by Liu Bei, ruled Western China. The Wei kingdom (220-265 A.D.), led by Cao Cao, controlled the North, and the Wu kingdom (222-280 A.D.), led by Sun Quan, held in the South. Sango Fighter only focused on the Shu-Han and Wei kingdoms.

The main menu screen (in Chinese) consisted of these chioces:

Playable Characters:
Shu-Han fighters: Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun, Ma Zhao, Huang Zhong
Wei fighters: Cao Cao, Xu Huang, Dian Wei, Xia Hou Yuan, Xia Hou Dun, Xu Zhu
Other fighters: Lu Bu

A Shareware version of the game was released in the U.S., but it never took off stateside. Sango Fighter now holds a place in as a quality underrated game.