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mission drive within everything
I use E2 as a personal therapy session
I like goats and enjoy showting at them
I am not allowed to publish them
Sometimes a bit originality, character and spare time can make wonders
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Since the beginning of dawn Humans used to buy automated bottle openers.
It surely indicates that all humans like bottle openers and like them to function automaticly ...
Dispite the conclusion written above, you may notice there are many people all over the world that have no bottle openers at all and certainly not automatic !
We can understand by this short introduction that although history shows a path that should in a way effect and explain or reveal some of the subject's history's nature - in many cases it does not serve it's true existing goal and gives a false and un-accurate information about the subject.
Are we to make of one's past information his determined future ? NO I say !

Well anyway this is the formal reason why I have decided not to write my Bio... Though my real reason for not writing it is becouse Im too lazy to write it ...