The problem with love in society in general is that most people don't seem to believe in a long-lasting love with one person. It's too much of a risk for the majority of people on this planet to wait to truly love one and only one person. Maybe finding a single person who fits you perfectly isn't for everyone, but I have a theory that even people who prefer loving many instead of few truly click with only one person.

You cannot be told what love is, you have to feel it for yourself. This is another reason why people are quick to assume that they know what love is and know exactly how to search for it. You don't find love. It finds you. You cannot choose the form it will take. This puts off many people and since they themselves cannot live with this actual love, they continue to live without it, never knowing what they missed.

Why are people hopelessly frustrated? They don't have the patience or the faith in love to believe that it's out there. Most people want to fall in love during a specific age range with a person who fits their exact specifications physically and mentally. That's great for fairy tales and movies, but to expect that real life would follow any sort of predetermined perscribed course is ridiculous. You cannot fall into true, deep love according to some sort of schedule. It happens when it happens.

The real problem with love in our society is that people don't recognize it when they feel it.