Right. So as of right now it has been almost 5 days since I sent in my draft. It's the first ever deadline I have had for a book and while of course I'm proud of what I sent and did my best to make sure it was balanced, met the difficulty that was expected of it and tried to find a harmony between free roleplaying and railroading the characters, I'm still nervous.

Writing RPGs is not easy. Even after following my own advice on Writing Roleplaying Games Adventures and Supplements my e-mail account still sits right there, waiting for some sort of response. I've got another deadline coming up for a seperate game and a third still in negotiation but I still want to hear about this one. While not quite on the level with losing ones virginity, anything done for the first time that is this big or life affecting makes a person nervous.

Anyways, the Simpsons are on so I can kill some braincells and check for messages later.