TSRs answer to Hero Quest and Warhammer Quest. Dragon Strike is D&D as a boardgame.

Essentially a clone of Hero Quest, Dragon Strike did add more rules and dice to the mix. Along with these differances was the addition of 4 playing boards instead of the 1 generic board that Hero Quest used.

Each of the boards described a differant area: Town, Castle, Forest and Cave. The game included an adventure book that described differant scenarios in each of the regions.

Also included in the box was an introductory video. Terrible Computer effects, lousy acting and a Game Master that yells "Now You're Getting Into It!" everytime one of his players tries to act like their character. Filmed in front of a bluescreen, the video also featured American Gladiator Malibu as the Warrior, with several unnamed actors in the roles of Wizard, Thief and Elf.

If you can find a copy, the game is worth picking up for a couple hours of fun. But if you have the choice, go with Hero Quest.