Produced by Milton Bradley in 1992, Battle Masters is a poor mans Warhammer Fantasy. Containing a 6 foot Battlemat, printed with the map of some countryside, a plastic molded Battle Tower and several plastic hedges and ditches. The game focused on units from the Imperial side facing followers of Chaos in a Fantasy battle.

Order of play was determined by a deck of cards, included with the game. Each player took turns drawing from the deck and any units pictured on the card were moved by the appropriate player. For example, if the Chaos player drew a card with a Goblin unit, he would move one of his Goblin units. However if he drew an Imperial Cavelry card then the Imperial player moved one of his cavelry instead.

Combat was resolved quickly and easily. When two opposing units were close enough, they could attack on another. The attacking unit rolled dice equal to its battle stat and any skulls that were rolled did one point of damage to the opposing unit. The opposing unit rolled afterwards and any shields that appeared negated one hit each. Once a unit received Three unblocked hits, that unit was destroyed.

Whichever side is reduced to having no units first loses.

Though it is out of print, copies of Battle Masters can still be found on E-Bay and other auction sites.