Napping is an art form meant to be perfected by humans, there are many differnt types of naps, according to my book (The ultimate nap book "Change Your Life Without Getting out of Bed") on napping they are:

Not only does this book give us many great ways to nap, it also give us a list of things we can do to enhance our napping, including the great piece of advise "Nap without guilt".

Some Quotes:

"Naps fluff us up and make us more kind."
"My Life is one long nap, punctuated by brief moments of activity."
"We replenish and repair during naps."
"Napping softens all the edges and smoothes the shredded places."
"Rest adds strength to our souls."
"As adults, we still need these nap times. We need tender places in which to repair our souls and put special glue on the broken places."