Well the weekend seems to be panning out in to a pretty boring and antisocial one.
So far I've read far in to the morning and slept till the evening upon waking I ate, did the dishes, watched a movie and came on here.

More interaction with real people seems needed, although I do see my roommates too often.
Is it possible for your roommates to taint your social out look? Must be.

Somewhere someone said that life was full of surprises (I think they ment the good kind) and that if you blinked you would miss them. But what if you sleep through them? What then? Is there anyway to get them back? They seem to be unique events that once missed are gone.

So I guess the moral of the story is don't sleep. No that can't be right? Maybe sleep during the boring parts? That can't be right either, because they seem to happen in clusters. Maybe the moral is don't think about it. Don't try to be there for the intresting peices. Just live and they will happen. For surly no one can predict them.

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