Here it is, my first day log. I have read a few and I guess there should be some template for this. People say they are not sure if they can spill the heart out here because they know other noders in person and are worried what they will think. I am another of these people so I will keep this simple and share my views on E2 so far.

I have been using E2 for 2 weeks now and I have just done my first write up. The reason I left it so long was that I don't have much general knowledge so factual nodes are hard to write and I have very little self confidence and I thought that people wouldn't be interested in my opinions and that I wouldn't 'fit in' to the E2 community somehow. I am now convinced there is a place for me here. My first write up got a reputation of 2 and C!ed in about 30 seconds, so I'm happy for now.