A nifty little piece of C programming downloadable in .exe form at www.aimster.com/pigencoder.phtml. This program was made to combat the Supreme Court ruling on Napster. It doesn't technically use pig latin, but instead merely changes a the words of a file (like Metallica - Unforgiven) and puts the first letter of each word on the end of the word (etallicaM - nforgivenU) just like a LCirc in binary notation. Although this will hardly be the ace up our sleeve to combat the evil recording industry and resurrect our brave Napster, it is nonetheless a heartening resistance against the powers that be.

Aimster.com offers the following disclaimer at their site: Any resemblance between pigs and the people who are attempting to violate your privacy is purely coincidental.

Props go out to www.slashdot.org for bringing the encoder to my attention.