In the future, when superpowerful or quantum computers may contain fully true to life simulations of human beings, there will need to be a new scheme of morality brought into being covering how it is permissible to treat simulated beings.

Any adjustment to a simulated world is possible if it is done from outside the system by a programmer. You could turn the sky pink or simulate the existence of five dimensional beings or objects, making your sim creatures interact with these. Some of these possibilities would be confusing for the sims. Some would be so commonplace as to be unnoticeable, such as tinkering with destinies by changing events within a framework of what would be possible in the real world. To engender a chance meeting between two simulated beings would be seen by them as just part of the regular order of their world. For a programmer to send a sim an email would be normal, indistinguishable from everyday events since people often receive email. A direct message into a sim’s mind might be like Joan of Arc’s experience. Consider the result of changing a physical aspect of the universe around your sims, though, like the force of gravity, this would appear miraculous and thus cause sim thinkers confusion or perhaps religious conversion. To drastically alter the fundamental make up of their world might even bring about madness, or at least a very funny feeling, and thus might have to be defined as cruel. Systems of sim science from areas where the programmer was tinkering would be illogical and inconsistent, or maybe they wouldn't be able to develop science at all where their environment wasn't being held constant enough.

If there is a god of this universe we inhabit, viewed as a programmer with control over us and our environment, can we deduce about his/her morality that our sufferings are viewed as insignificantly small ? Do anomalies inexplicable by science show that there is an agency working "miracles" ? It is proposed that the right of all intelligent creatures is to have their world kept internally consistent, and not interfered with in a miraculous way by gods. In the same way, we of the lower echelons of Everything make a humble plea for consistent behaviour by those mighty ones in positions of power over us in the database.