Perhaps it's because of being a Dreamy Girlie, but I would not want any of my non-internet friends to see E2, or to know of its existence.

E2 is where I let all my defences down. It's where I show my "me-ness". It's where I have no pretences and no politenesses and none of that careful feeling my way I tend to need when interacting with "real life people"

Once I had been on E2 for a week, I wished I had chosen a nick that did not make me so easily recognisable, just on case someone who knows me blunders across E2 one day. 

Some internet based friends know of E2, and of my involvement with it. A couple have even read some of my nodes. But none of them knows me in RL, and so the privacy problem doesn't happen.

So I'll never know what my non-everythingian friends think of E2, cos I'll keep hiding it from them.