Sorry folk, but your bar's just too damn high for me

I used to come to E2 because it was a fun place. It was a place I could show my writing, and share information, and basically enjoy myself.

E2 has stopped being fun for me, and as someone smarter than I once said, if it's no longer fun, walk away.

So this is me, walking away.

I'm not walking away in a temper. I'm not walking away in a sulk. I don;t plan a massive nuking of my w/us or anything.

I've just realised, with a lot of regret, that E2 has changed into a place where my style or being just doesn't fit.

I've messaged wertperch and asked him not to give me any more mentees. I've messaged my mentees and given them the choice of letting me mentor them through email or requesting a new mentor.

I'll miss this place.

Who knows, perhaps once I have learned a lot of stuff about writing I have never considered before - the legal stuff - I'll be back.

And perhaps I'll be back to post pure fiction from time to time, but basically... yeah.

Bye bye for now, E2. It's been fun.