All my data from the last two years is gone.

All my phone numbers. All my usernames and passwords. All my programmes.

Not all my conversations - I backed them up a couple of months ago... but everything else is just...


And why?

because I thought I would do the "sensible" thing, and get my local computer sales and repair shop to make my new HDD work.

My mother spent more than she could easily afford on getting me a 20G HDD for my birthday. When my lover installed it for me, it decided to report itself as being just over 7G.

He would have got it right, eventually. And it would have caused him a lot of stress and unhappiness. We don't call my machine Hellbeast for nothing.

So we thought - why go through all that unpleasantness when we can pay someone to do it for us?

So on Thursday I took my little Hellbeast down to our local shop, mentioning that they had lost the data on my HDD last time they had my machine, and asking them to be especially careful this time. Robert told me he would have it back to me probably that night, but certainly by Friday morning.

I phoned him on Friday at midday, and he told me he was "just starting on that one," and it would be ready on Saturday, and asked me would I mind his making the new, big HDD the primary, and the old, smaller one, the secondary. I told him I wouldn't mind, if he felt it was necessary, but please to be careful with my data on what was still, then, the C drive.

My lover and I arrived at the shop on Saturday right on noon.

"Yes, that one's ready - I'll just put the case on for you"

He was away for quite a long time.

When he came back he said "The other HDD is making funny sounds..." and wandered off again.

We looked at each other worriedly until the chap came back.

"Windows can't see that secondary drive, actually."

"Well, that's OK, I suppose. I can always get my data through XTREE or something, I suppose..."

The chap looked uncomfortable and my lover asked him "Can DOS see the drive? How about Fdisk?"

The man told me that no, nothing could see my drive. It had, to all intents and purposes, ceased to exist.

I didn't burst into tears, but I wanted to.

So yes, I have a lovely machine, with 20G of HD space... but I don't have my desktop any more. Or my mail. Or anything.

And I do have a big big angriness.