Nervousness, and anticipation.


A dash of lust.


And suddenly you are with me.

Cuddles and skin.

Long, slow, slippery kisses.

Laughter and smiles and eyes glistening with tears.

A request.

A glad agreement.

Fast hot sex with your voice rising the louder, for once.

Water and soap.

Slippery caresses.

Stumbling and being caught and made safe.

Warm, soft towels.

An accident with a door averted.

Shared smiles as clothes are retrieved.

A drive. 


Hamburgers again.

More sharing delighted glances over having "a regular".

Seeing how much you love today's potatoes...

...and leaving the last of them for you.

Going Home.

"I love every second I spend with you"

A glance at the clock... "we still have an hour"

Cuddles and skin and love and giggles and...

...suddenly caught breath...

Long, slow, body-shaking love, and it's my voice that cries loudly now.

Almost managing... that thing without your help... next time.

Coming down wrapped in your burrowing, enfolding love.

Fast showering.

Even now my hands refuse to behave.

Shaking legs slipping into pants.

Brushing hair.

Trying to look as though I haven't spent all afternoon with my mind gone and my body afire.

"I love you"

A last kiss.

And you're gone.