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I consider myself a political conservative. Just to clarify, conservatives are not necessarily Republicans, just as progressives are not necessarily Democrats. There is no significant conservative presence in American government anymore; both parties are essentially comprised of left-wing tax-and-spenders who favor large and intrusive government. They differ only in the nature of the votes they buy and the kinds of freedom they wish to restrict.

The conservative philosophy owes quite a lot to the American libertarian tradition, but is (one hopes) a bit more pragmatic and tries to avoid some of the problems that ideologically hidebound libertarianism can run into.

Much of my criticism here will focus on far-left commentators like Noam Chomsky and Michael Moore. There are certainly many things to be said about pseudo-right-wingers like Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, et al., but most of it has already been said, at least on this site (and Coulter doesn't need anyone's help to prove she's a nutcase).

Besides, people just cannot stand it when you criticize Chomsky, and that's always fun to watch.