An arcade system developed by Sega and released in 1995. ST-V stands for Sega Titan Video. Sometimes referred to redundantly as "Sega ST-V" or even "Sega Titan ST-V."

The system was produced in two versions, US and Japanese, with each version only being able to use games of the same region. In its base configuration, the system's hardware is more or less identical to the Sega Saturn. Sega developed the system to allow for easy ports to home systems. Using header boards, the ST-V hardware allows for quite a bit of expansion including head-to-head link-up, SCSI ports, additional digital and analog inputs, serial ports, and support for multiple game cartridges. Some games even came on PCBs and featured additional processors or CD-ROM interfaces. The system features a back-up battery that will store high score and configuration data for the cartridge currently installed. The data is lost if the cartridge is removed and the system will still function with a dead battery. Original ST-V arcade cabinets from Sega were plastic and featured coin slots on the control panel similar to most Japanese arcade cabinets.

The ST-V saw widespread release in Japan and nearly fifty games were available. In the US, the system mimicked the Saturn's popularity and so, relatively few games were released. Notable Japanese releases include: Astra Super Stars, Final Fight Revenge, Golden Axe: The Duel, Print Club, Radiant Silvergun, and Virtua Fighter Remix. The best-known US release was Die Hard Arcade. Although the primary region control system consists of easily-broken plastic tabs that prevented insertion of foreign cartridges, some Japanese games do not work with the US bios and vice versa.

Some Random Trivia:
The company that manufactured the distinctive ST-V arcade cabinets primarily manufactured molded plastic waste containers.

  • Main CPUs: (2) Hitachi SH-2 @ 28.6MHz
  • Secondary CPUs: SCU DSP (fixed point math coprocessor, up to 4 parallel instructions)
  • VDP 1: 32-bit primary video display processor (sprite and polygon, dual 256KB frame buffers for rotation and scaling effects, texture mapping, Goraud shading, 512KB cache for textures)
  • VDP 2: 32-bit background and scroll plane video display processor (2 windows for special calculations, transparency, shadows, background engine, 5 simultaneous scrolling backgrounds, 2 simultaneous rotating playfields, animation)
  • Sound CPU: MC68000 @ 11.3MHz
  • Sound chip: SCSP/YMF292-F (315-5687)/"LAKE" @ 11.3MHz (32 PCM channels, 44.1 khz sampling rate)
  • Main RAM: 2 Megabytes (16 megabits)
  • VRAM: 1.54 Megabytes (12 megabits)
  • Audio RAM: 512 Kilobytes (4 megabits)
  • Rendering Speed: 200,000 Textured Polygons/Second or 500,000 Flat Polygons/Second
  • Colors: 24-bit true color graphics, 16.7 Million Available Colors
  • Resolution: 320x224, 640x224, and 720x576 horizontal and 240, 448, and 480 vertical
  • Max Game Cartridge Size: 384megabit (48megabyte)
  • Interface: JAMMA
Game List:
All Japan Pro Wrestling (J)
Astra Super Stars (J)
Baku Baku Animal (J)
Batman Forever (US/J)
Columns 97 (US/J)
Cotton 2 (*)
Cotton Boomrang (J)
Dec-Athlete (J) / Athlete Kings (US)
Dynamite Baseball (J)
Dynamite Deka (J) / Die Hard Arcade (US)
Ejihon Detective Agency (J)
Fighting Dragon Legend Elan Doree (J)
Final Arch (J) / Super Major League (US)
Final Fight Revenge (US/J)
Funky Head Boxers (US/J)
Golden Axe: The Duel (*)
Guardian Force (J/US)
Hanagumi Taisen Columns - Sakura Wars (J)
Karaoke Quiz Intro Don Don (J)
Let's Play Othello (J)
Maru-Chan de Goo! (J)
Mausuke's Ojamazawarudo (J)
NBA Action (J/US)
Pebble Beach - The Great Shot (US/J)
Power Instinct 3 : Groove On Fight (US/J)
Princess Kurara Daisakusen (J)
Print Club (J)
Pro Mahjong Extreme S (J)
Puyo Puyo Sun (J)
Radiant Silvergun (J)
Sando-R (J) / Treasure Hunt (US)
Sea Bass Fishing (J)
Shienryu (J)
Shanghai (J)
Soukyugurentai (J) / Terra Diver (US)
Sport Fishing (J)
Sport Fishing 2 (J)
Suikoenbu / Outlaws of the Lost Dynasty (J)
Steep Slope Sliders (J)
Taisen Tanto-R 'Sasshissu!' (J)
Tecmo World Cup '98 (J)
Virtua Fighter Kids (*)
Virtua Fighter Remix (US/J)
Virtual Mahjong (J)
Virtual Mahjong II : My Fair Lady (J)
Winter Heat (*)
Zenkoku Seifuku Bishojo Grand-Prix:Find Love (J)

* indicates that a game was released in a single format but behaves slightly differently for each region's BIOS

The game list above is not necessarily complete, please /msg me if you have any further information.