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mission drive within everything
Uh.. to have fun, live, and philosophise, and piss off bible thumpers?
Can draw, work on engines, fancy myself a net guru of sorts.
TimeSlipp, don't exist, but wish it did ;)
Once I was here, now I am gone, I left my name to turn you on. Those who knew me, knew me well. Those who didn't can go to hell!
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Not much then this.
Im a 24 year old guy living int he dredges of SouthEastern Ohio. I'm currently biding my time till school starts for me in September, shortly after my birthday on the 11th, whee.. then I'll be 25, 1/4 a century old! Yah :P
Anwyays, I'm a sorta decent artist, but a better HTML coder and athestics type person. I can do just about anything I put my mind to. I can code HTML, draw, fix a car, fix electronic things, put up drywall, do plumbing, do carpentry.. etc.. you get the point. I'm all self taught, I'm all 100% american, or so I hope :P adopted, so I don't know my bio-parents.
Okay, about my intersts, I'm one of those damn 'furries' that you might have, or not, heard of. is my website. Its not really all that swell, but it works and shows off my shit and details a bit about me adn my style.
Also, i've made it a mission in my life to piss off bible thumpers with a passion. I may wind up loosing frinds this way, but if you can't think on your own, use your own brain and belive that there is somethign more to life then a fucking book, I hope you fall into it, and you get shut away like a good little molested choir boy :P
Yes.. I get angsty, I type alot, and I hate the US Government and all the lies they feed its people, as well as all the shit that the orginized religions stand for as well.
Fuck 'em, fucke 'em all.
Till they can fess up to lying, bitching, killing, and maiming folks to keep their secrets, I'm going to be bitching about them till I die, or they kill me.
Peace, drugs, rock and roll, and sex! Thats what life should be mostly about.. oh.. did I say MP3 and art, no well I am now ;)
Tootles if you get this far. There is no spoon ;)