At least that's what it sounds like. I think I'm hearing only one side of the conversation. My best guess is that it's a radio microphone or CB in the vicinity of my computer, that is somehow transmitting through my speaker wire to my speaker. That would make partial sense, since wires are just antennas that are used to carry current. However, I wonder what encoding system they're using, since I don't have the ability in my speakers to decode FM or AM signals. I would think that I'd only hear the carrier wave if they were using that. If you know why, post below the reason I'm getting that signal please. I'm eager to know how it works.

The guy has somewhat of a southern accent. It's kinda weird, in an Independence Day meets Ernest kind of way. It's like the Ernest movies because the guy's carrying on a conversation with some person I can't hear or see. It's Independence Day-ish because I'm sometimes thinking along the lines of listening to the preparations for an alien invasion. I've been watching way too much Sci-fi. :)