3DMM aka 3d Movie Maker, was released by Microsoft in 1995.
It was created as a simple program for kids, letting them quickly create "movies" by putting together stock objects, actors, and sounds.

Despite the age of the program, and it's target demographic, movies are still being created by a large community of slightly older users, attracted by it's ease of use, and manage to create complex plot lines and action scenes within a program designed for 8 year olds.

The subject of Microsoft making a sequel to this program is often brought up on various message boards, but Microsoft seems to have no interest in continuing the product line.

(This is probably due to the weak sales of 3DMM in most markets.
Most current 3DMM "Directors" received their CD's when Microsoft was distributing them with new PC's from Gateway and Compaq)

Recently (January 2002) an attempt is being made at creating a unoffical fan-supported semi-sequel, called Movie Maker Plus. (or MM+/MMP for short, paralleling 3DMM's simple acronym)