As a former Graduate Assistant in political science I can tell you that none of the above bullshit techniques actually work. At least if you want an 'A'. Term papers can cover a lot of ground, but it's my subject and I'm serious about it. I know more than my students. I have to.

Term papers are not 'make work' assignments. They're teaching tools, and the goal is to teach you to both research and write. Useful skills in many types of business, and necessary if you aspire to management. The paper is designed take you deeper into some portion of the subject, and hopefully will excite you about your subject. I want you to learn, to think in a disciplined manner, and your writing is expected to show that.

If you give me that, you'll pass. Your professor does not want to flunk you, unless you're in one of those 'weeder' courses designed to eliminate majors who aren't serious. Before you can become an instructor, you have to demonstrate mastery of your subject across the board. Academics usually know bullshit when we see it, and will tolerate a little if combined with some real content. So you can bullshit you're way to a 'C' or 'B' with some effort, but not an 'A'.

The 'A's' go to people who show a real mastery of the material and serious intent. The possession of an 'A' paper is not necessarily enough. Remember, your instructor has graded a couple of your mid-terms already, and they've engaged you in class. If a guy who comes off like an Adam Sandler character shows up with something totally awesome, it smells. If time permits, your instructor will attempt to figure out where it came from, and he or she is usually better at research than you. Probably I wouldn't have been able to find the source of owlman's report, but web sites offering papers are known in the academic world. We have the same CD ROMs as you. Be careful before you copy.

I know this isn't always popular, but the purpose of education is not a piece of paper, but an education. Do good work, take your assignments seriously, and you will end up knowing a lot more than you did before. Knowledge can never be taken away. Bullshit research is what led investment brokers to buy Enron right up until the collapse. You need to know how to do this right.