House M.D. is a very interesting show. I say this for good reason, as I don't normally say that about most hospital shows. After trolling eversomany TV Guides and wikipedia articles, I have come up with House trivia worthy for the ages!

House walks with a cane, as most people already know. However, this cane has been through quite a lot on its journey. The first cane was used through most of the 1st season, however in the episode where House is trying to get Cameron to come back to work, he tells her he got a new, more stylish cane. This cane lasts for quite sometime, however, in a season 2 episode, Wilson cuts halfway through House's cane with sandpaper as a joke and the cane shatters. House tapes it back together for the rest of the episode. House returns in the next episode with a silver-topped cane. This is replaced for an unknown reason in the next episode. He currently has a normal, cane-shaped cane. Hugh Laurie, who plays House, has recently been having back problems because of the cane and may possibly be walking normally soon.

Jesse Spencer, who plays Dr. Chase, is one of the only Aussies that actually plays one on American television. He has been in the movie Stranded, which is a film that is mildly like Swiss Family Robinson, in the sense that it is loosly based on that book. Spencer has also been in the 2003 movie, Uptown Girls, and in the 2006 movie, Flourish, with co-star Jennifer Morrison.

Omar Epps plays the cranky, often dumped on, Dr. Foreman. Omar has been in numerous films, such as Alfie, with Jude Law, and in Against the Ropes, with Meg Ryan, in which he plays a boxer with a female promotion manager (this is almost unheard of in the pro boxing world).

Jennifer Morrison has only had one starring role, and that would be in the aformentioned movie, Flourish. She has had many minor roles, such as Jade, the assistant, in Mr. and Mrs. Smith; and also has played Denice, in the 1994 film, Miracle on 34th Street. Jennifer plays the beautiful Dr. Cameron, on House. Cameron's past has been riddled with many problems, such as her husband's death at the hands of cancer. Her only child also died, causing Cameron much grief.

Gregory House is the most interesting character in a drama that I have ever seen. He diagnoses most cases with ease, and at the end of each hour-long episode leaves you wondering where you can find a doctor in real-life that can match his brilliance. House often snarks at his co-workers and patients, some of these encounters have turned physically violent, such as the episode where he treats a gay patient. House has done some pretty bizarre things in his tenure at the hospital, such as shooting a dead cancer patient to test the thermomagnetism of a bullet; and infecting a patient with Legionnares' Disease to slow down a parasite. Gregory House is played by the British brilliant, Hugh Laurie. Laurie has been in films, such as Flight of the Phoenix, and has provided voices for all of the Stuart Little animations and movies. Laurie is a huge hit in the U.K. with the Blackadder shows and with the older skit show, A little bit of Fry and Laurie.

There are many similarities to the Sherlock Holmes novels in House M.D. These include House=Holmes, Wilson=Watson, Cocaine=Vicodin, Rebecca Adler=Irene Adler, and the method of making deductions based on seeing a person, which are normally right.