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I first set my fingers to a computer keyboard in 1966. While most were still dealing with punch cards at one end of my work stream, I was able to communicate with people around the earthball on a keyboard and a CRT. I gave thought to the possibilities of how "outasight" such a system would be in a retail version. I was in the military. In college, in the 70s, I took Political Science courses and graduate work in international studies. On the practical side, I lurked in departments that had mid frames and access to main frames. I took courses in communications and media technologies - first film, then kinescope and then video.

I have traveled. I have done field research. I have written words for others and created outstanding soft intelligence for NGAs, research foundations and non-profits. My research and field trips took me off the urban maps and into some primitive places. I preferred those locations to the capitals, glitz cities and what passed for cities in primitive ports of entry.

I have just finished raising my last child "of choice". She is now 21 and I have experienced 13 years of pathological behavior, learning disabilities, and experiences and anxiety that are usually reserved for combat.

I am quite full of myself and quite outspoken.

I AM Toulouse