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Hey you. I'm glad you care. Sorta suprised, since I haven't actually contributed anything yet. But it'll come with time.

I'm a graphic art major at a modest 3rd tier state university.

-I'm starting to wonder why I'm even in this program because I already know just about everything they "teach" here... although I'm starting to see why it's necessary to teach things I learned in middle school. Apparently something like 90% of art majors here have never actually taken art classes before (based purely on the work they put up for critique, I don't actually know).-

I do graphic design work for small websites and RPG character drawings for my friends.

-(Reasonable rates, swear to god!) I make my spending money that way, certainly not enough to pay tuition, but enough to buy the odd anime series.-

Which segues nicely into the fact that I enjoy many different kinds of anime. Just about everything except sports and fight/tournament anime, actually- although it takes something very special in the harem genre to get me to watch it.

-Currently watching: Fruits Basket, Spirit of Wonder, Last Exile, Naruto. Don't spoil them for me!-

I play RPGs extensively, both electronic and Pen and Paper. I don't LARP, though, and I also compulsively stay away from MMPORGs. I just don't have the time to invest.

-Currently playing: a loser Gunfighter in a Rifts campaign, a badass strategist technician in a Shadowrun campaign, and the original Suikoden.-

I also suck at bonsai. There's not a single place near where I live that can offer any kind of help at all, so I'm reduced to using the internet for instructions.

-I've had my ficus tree for a year and a half, and I haven't killed it yet. Whoohoo! Instead I'm systematically butchering it. Damn.-

That's just about all for this evening, I have to get up pretty early tomorrow. Maybe more later.